The Art of TATANG S

Tatang S a.k.a Tatang Suhenra is a comic maker from Indonesia, he’s very famous for his “Gareng-Petruk” comic. This comic is very popular in the 80s. Before him, there’s some comic artist has made the Gareng-Petruk comic, such as HAB, Hidyat Sujana, Rachman, Rowing, RIni A.S and Idri S, but still…Tatang S more famous than them.

Tatang S has past few generation, starting from “silat” comic in the 60s-70s, Punakawan [Gareng-Petruk] till the “religion(heaven-hell)” comic in the 90s. He never worried and scared about the invasion from imported comic, and he keep on making comic till he’s dead. He worked with a small publisher at Pasar Senen, named Gultom Agency.

Tatang S died in 27 April 2003. He has dedicated his life for the comic movement…he is very productive and a great observer.  src


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